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Aluminum alloys were the first materials to be joined using FSW process and there is an increasing interest in applying FSW to aluminum alloys, particularly those used for sheet metal processing industries. During the last two decades, tremendous efforts have been made to clarify weldabilities of different types of aluminum alloys using FSW

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  An aluminum alloy is a composition consisting mainly of aluminum to which other elements have been added. The alloy is made by mixing together the elements when aluminum is molten (liquid), which cools to form a homogeneous solid solution. The other elements may make up as much as 15 percent of the alloy by mass. Added elements include iron, copper, magnesium, silicon, and

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2   Aluminum’s properties such as, strength, density, workability, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance are affected by adding other elements such as magnesium, silicon or zinc. Bradley Fighting Vehicle The military Bradley Fighting Vehicle is made from two different aluminum alloys: a 7xxx series and 5xxx

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  aluminum alloys include the 2xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, and some of the 8xxx alloys. The various combinations of alloying additions and strengthening mechanisms used for wrought aluminum alloys are shown in Table 1. The strength ranges achievable with various classes of wrought and cast alloys are given in Tables 2 and

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The paper deals with the considerations related to the basic properties and application of primarily aluminum alloys and composite materials for different purposes with the focus on the automotive

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Aluminum has high reflectivity and can be used for decorative applications. Some aluminum alloys can match or even exceed the strength of common construction steel. Aluminum retains its toughness at very low temperatures, without becoming brittle like carbon steels. Aluminum is a

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  Secondary aluminum alloys are derived from mixing and melting pure aluminum with other materials such as magnesium, iron, and copper. The use of pure aluminum in casting is quite rare due to the cost of extraction. The ease of use in die casting combined with lighter weight and durability make aluminum alloys a top choice for designers from

Experimental Study Of Spring Back Of Different Sheet

In this paper, effect on spring back values of different materials before and after laser bending are studied. Four different alloys were selected for laser bending tes Aluminum Alloy Al-5052M, Stainless Steel Alloy-304M, Low Carbon Steel (perpendicular rolling direction) and Titanium Alloy Ti-6Al-4V (TCL4). Thickness of alloys sheet is almost

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Experimental Study Of Spring Back Of Different Sheet

Fig. 2(a) showed the spring back of Aluminum alloy Al-5052M, at even low displacement there is large amount of spring back. Behavior of Al-alloys can be explained on the fact that these alloys are malleable, light weight, low hardness 47B ultimate tensile strength of 228 MPa

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  Heat treatment is a major processing step in the manufacturing of aluminum-based piston components. The current paper discusses an optimum heat treatment strategy for AC8H aluminum alloy for improved performance. Solutionizing (for homogenization) is followed by aging at different

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2   Infiniy recyclable and highly durable, nearly 75 percent of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today. Aluminum is 100 percent recyclable and retains its properties indefiniy. Aluminum is one of the only materials in the consumer disposal stream that more than pays for the cost of its own

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But there are several different types of aluminum alloys in the 5000 series, depending upon the amount of manganese added. Just to name a few, Aluminum Alloy 5005 is best for roofing and storage tanks, 5052 is best for traffic signs and appliances, 50 for marine hulls and missile components, but we are seeing 5745 in the automobile

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2xxx series Al-alloys are widely employed in structural applications due to their good mechanical properties. During heat treatment of these alloys, solution treated parts sometimes mixed with age hardened parts during handling. This result in difficulty in distinguishing between solution treated and aged parts of various grades. Moreover, it is also necessary to separate improper aged parts